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Happy Plant is the household wingman

We made Happy Plant as a personal challenge to learn how to develop iOS apps and solve one constant problem at home…

We kept forgetting to water the plants! D’oh!

We decided to make a water plant reminder app. It sounded simple, and to us, it even sounded pretty boring. But that’s when we had our “ah ha” moment.

We were forgetting to water plants because it’s boring to us. (We have mad love and respect for people that find zen and pleasure in taking care of their plants) We just sucked at watering. And so we decided to focus on bringing fun and creativity into the watering routine. And in doing so, watering has become a fun and fulfilling thing to do.

Creating good habits!

Personalize your plants – Plants deserve to have unique water schedules, plant selfies, and fun videos. Plants are our green babies!

Being featured by Apple as an app to help people stay organized at home, we realized that our mission is simple: to turn boring activities into fun, life changers.

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Want to write about us, interview, access hi-res photos, or learn more? Rock on! We’d love to hear from you! Please email Mike,, and he’ll get in touch!

Plant watering app to remember to water the plants

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