Happy Plants in Dark Mode

Happy Plant Update 3.8.9 Happy Planters! Dark mode-ers! 🌷 We finally have an update to jam too! Please update and enjoy the fun! Breakdance breakdown….🌼 DARK MODE 👻 - Now you can water your babies in dark mode without getting cross-eyed! We’ve adjusted the colors to...

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Simplifying Plant Water Reminder (update 3.8.7)

Happy Plant Update 3.8.7 Hi, Happy Planters! First off, hope you are all safe and taking care of yourselves during these weird times. If quarantine teaches humans one thing, I hope it highlights the importance of plants and the life that they can bring into our homes!...

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Thank you Google Tulip

One Giant Leap For Plant-kindAs plant lovers, plant parents, plant caretakers, we’ve gotten close to our… well, our plants.The inseparable bond with our green babies is undeniable.I mean sure, little Johnny needs us to play ball, our cute Spot...

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Plant image in notifications 🤯 (update 3.8.3)

Springtime Happy! Apple just featured our app and we’ve just added a few new features. Improved notifications, sounds, and social sharing. NOTIFICATIONS WITH PLANT IMAGE Plant notifications will now contain the last image of your plant. When...

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Succulent app to prevent overwatering

Sweet photo by Tim Foster Succulent plants are deceiving beautiful babies. To the non-gardening that simply wants plants in the home, you might lean toward getting succulents because they don't require much watering. And then, if you're like...

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Plant watering app to remember to water the plants

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