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First of all, we want to wish everyone a special holiday season. No matter the holiday, we hope your year-end brings you lots of joy, delicious food, and energy to kick next year’s butt!

And of course, we hope you’re not forgetting to keep your green babies happy too!!

Over the past weeks, we hit some accomplishments and received some helpful user feedback.

Happy Plant was featured in the Dutch App Store! as:

  • This Week’s Favourites
  • New App We Love
  • Our Favourites from 2017** (The BIG ONE! …at least to us)

But more importantly, we got some feedback from Happy Plant users on where to improve next.

Thanks to our fellow watering buddies! We got each other’s back!

Personalize your plant watering

For this upcoming update, we’re going to focus on enabling customized plant alarm times.

You set the time for anything you want.

It turns out that many of our users wanted this because our AM/PM approach was too simplistic. Because we had only 2 times to send notifications (7 am and 7 pm), some people would miss the alarm because of the fixed times.

I get it….some people are still sleeping at 7 am and some people eat at 7 pm.

One thing that we always question with our design decisions is whether a new addition will make the app more complicated than it needs to be. But in this case, it seems that the functionality to support people’s routine better is a clear win.

So this is in the development as I’m writing. We look forward to releasing our Happy Plant update soon.

In the meantime, if you could, please rate [Happy Plant in the App Store]( and let us know what you like and what features would be helpful to you.

Water on!

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