Hi Happy Planters!

Edits are on the way!

We received a lot of requests to make it possible to edit existing plants. We are almost there! We just need to do some bug cleaning and then we can submit our new version to Apple.

I made a quick little video so you can see what the edits will look like. I had to be quick because we just got our baby to sleep…you don’t mess with that!

Part of the challenge with debugging a time-based app is that you need to be patient and wait for time intervals to see if things are working or not.

We had to change our interface slightly on the streaks screen to display the water alarm time versus streaks. Honestly, we want to revisit what stats are most important to our users.

Ok, that’s a quick update. Morning debug underway!

btw…we started a Happy Plant Twitter account to post updates. Follow us if you can. That would tickle us 🙂

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