We just submitted our newest update to the App Store. Hopefully, Apple approves it soon and then it will be available for update.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all your feedback and ideas. It’s one thing to build an app that people enjoy, but it’s super encouraging and fun getting to share conversations with some of you.

All for the love of helping green babies around the world!

Update 3.2.2 Design to water plants

We cleaned up a few bugs and slightly modified the design to encourage you to water a thirsty baby.

New in this update:

(Design improvement) – When you water all your babies today, you may have forgotten some from yesterday. And we added a few graphics to emphasize a missing baby. We wanted to make it more noticeable when a baby needs watering and so we thought some extra graphics would help.

This exercise opened a box of new ideas for us in the sense of “designing to water plants”. Can our design, beyond our functionality itself, affect the user’s behavior to become a better water. Hopefully, you’ll let us know that if you like/dislike these little changes we make along the way.

(Bug squashed) Some people experienced crashing when taking a photo. This should be good now and shouldn’t interrupt you from taking a plant selfie.

Thanks so much to our users. Those leaving 5-star reviews have helped us so much to grow just like our babies. Water on, water on!

Plant watering app to remember to water the plants

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